Thursday, October 12, 2017

How to Update your Etsy Cover Photo

Having issues changing or updating the large Cover Photo for your Etsy Store?  Here's a step by step tutorial that might help :)

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Important Info About Your New Logo

• Please be sure to save these graphic files to your computer in the same format they are in and please use a desktop computer.  A mobile device will sometimes cause problems with saving them in their proper/original formats.

• Not all files in your Dropbox link will be able to be previewed.  The files are there and are intact. You need to click “Download” and save them.  Then you can access them to view and use in your projects.


The 2 logo files with the ending of “PNG” have transparent backgrounds and they will remain transparent as long as you have properly saved these files in the same format as I have provided them in.  This is very important.

If you are seeing a “white box” behind the PNG image files, you have saved them to your computer incorrectly.

• Please go back to the file and resave it to your computer by clicking on the “Download” button in
the upper right hand corner of Dropbox and do not change the name of the file or the file type.

•DropBox is a free service to use and I strongly recommend that you open a free Dropbox account (it’s also a free app for your phone) and save these files there.   This way, you will not risk losing them or accidentally delete them from your computer.

•Traditional email programs will typically NOT allow me to email logo files as they are too large for typical email servers.  

•Logo files by their very nature are large.  You may not be able to upload them directly to websites, social media or VistaPrint, etc., without resizing them.  You can easily resize your logo by using a free, online photo editing program like, or many other numerous sights.  I also provide this service if you don’t want to do it (see below).

• Here is a link (it’s under 5 min long) to a YouTube video on how to use and to resize as well as resizing  your logo to specific sizes using templates for all popular social media platforms: 

I provide this service as well, here is the listing to purchase (use the drop down to select “Resize Files” $10):

A 2nd set of your logo files will sent to you sized at approx. 800 - 1000 pixels at the widest point.


There are MANY programs out there.  Some are free and some are free based. 
The following information and link are provided just as a courtesy, I am not affiliated with this software developer. I have an iPhone and use this app:

It’s been great and I am able to import my watermark/logo to add to any of my pictures in my camera roll.

Need a matching Business Card, Facebook Set, Gift Certificate or Hang Tag?  I would love to design
those for you as well!  All of these items can be found in my “Made to Match” category in my Etsy shop.

Any other questions or concerns, or if you have an idea for a marketing item, please let me know!!

Michelle |
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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Website Launch

I'm almost done with my new website and will be launching it very soon.  It's taken me many months, working on it slowly when time allows...I am hoping to launch it by August 15th!  Stay tuned! :)

Friday, September 25, 2015

Do you have your own Website?

I've been selling through Etsy for several years and have been very happy there...but there is something about having my own website that I miss (for those of you who don't know, I started my own sterling silver jewelry business back in '99 and sold it in 2007 - "DoodleBug Creations").

So..I pulled the trigger.   I purchased my domain name yesterday and finally selected a host for the new site.  I chose Shoppe Pro, for many reasons, but I do think it'll be a good fit!

Curious?  Looking for a host?  Check them out!

Shoppe Pro Hosting

Now, I just need to find time to do my own graphics and get my site launched.  My goal is to launch by Christmas and I am so excited!  So stay tuned...I can't wait to unveil it!
Happy creating!